What’s your HQ–your heart quotient?

The condition of our heart is essential for everyone.
Is your heart in good shape? Dr. John Ed Mathison has some thought-provoking thoughts about our hearts today on For His Glory.
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#weekendwanderings My Legacy I’ve recently…


My Legacy

I’ve recently devoured the first season of Amazon’s new series, ” Z: The Beginning of Everything.” I finished the season in one day ,(okay, I admit it, I spent the day bingeing), and was inspired to order the book, authored by Therese Anne Fowler, that the series is based on.

Watching the show’s portrayal of Zelda and F. Scott and their legacy got me wondering; how will I be remembered? What will I be remembered for, will I even have a legacy to be remembered by? I’d like to think my writing will live on in infamy, with my (someday) masterpiece living on forever and inspiring countless readers; old and young, male and female, rich and poor. But what if my masterpiece never comes to be? What will my legacy be then?

Thinking about this, I’ve come to realize that I hope I’m remembered first, (even above my maybe masterpiece), as a wonderfully caring, loving, thoughful, and dedicated mother. While writing is an important factor in my life, nothing has, nor will ever, come before my child. I’ve never known a love like I have for him, and I never will again. In short, nothing can compare to the love, joy, and inspiration that being his mother has brought me, and I hope I have made these feelings abundantly clear each day of my life.

Inarguably, it would be nice to be remembered for being brilliant, generous, thoughtful, beautiful, fun, fearless, and creative. To leave a legacy in the form of a great novel or piece of poetry would be an accomplishment of a lifetime. However, being a mother has been the most wonderful and rewarding accomplishment of my life and I hope I’m remembered for doing this job I so value well.

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“I thought I knew love and then I had you,” is something I often say to my son, and I’m not sure I could express the sentiment better if I tried. I was a wife, a daughter, granddaughter, sister, and friend when I became a mother, and so I was confident I knew love. Surely I loved my husband, family, and close friends. Then my son was placed in my arms and my entire life and prospective on love changed forever.

The moment I first felt my son’s soft, warm, pink skin against my own, I knew I had never known a love so strong, so pure, so unconditional, and I was sure I never would again. It was as if God Himself had placed this beautiful, healthy baby boy in my arms Himself, and I was never letting go. It was both the most Sacred experience and love I’ve ever felt in my entire life, and I’ll be forever grateful for that moment, and all the moments I’ve been Blessed with my son since that day.

Love is defined as, “an intense feeling of deep affection.” This doesn’t nearly describe the experience of love I had, and continue to have, for my son. The Bible defines agape as, “love; the highest form of love/the love of man for God and God for man.” I believe what I experienced with my son was true, Sacred, God-given agape, and I will live everyday thanking God for this Sacred, highest form of love.

#weekendwanderings Hi! let me introduce…

Hi! let me introduce to you some of my cottage garden flowers. Caught site of them while wandering around this weekend. Here’s the link.

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#weekendwanderings hi friends this is my lasted blog post I hope u visit and enjoy
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we can follow each other and do check in stuff like that fun stuff. 🙂 blessings

Week in Review (CoffeeShare)

Hi! I’ve been a little quiet this week. My family and I were on staycation (no work but no real destination lol)! We had a great time. How was your week? Wanna talk about it over coffee?

It is my sincere hope that everyone had a wonderful and will have a great week ahead!

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Have you ever wondered what…

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the calendar czars would one day decide to remove Saturdays from our week?

We have two new tires…

We have two new tires on our car.
Not by choice.
Happy Saturday.

Blah Week

Doing a weekend coffee share post has always been pretty easy for me. However, this week was uneventful but I didn’t want to miss the coffee share. (At least I can be honest about it lol). Please check out my weekend coffee share post. 9 people have read it but only 3 people like it…I’m with the other 6…hahahahahaha!  Now that I’ve decided to stop beating myself up over this…I can tell you there are links to other really good posts from the past week that should make the post worth reading. LOL. (laugh to keep from crying right).

How was your week? Share a little coffee with me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!

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Happy Friday!

Hey everyone! I hope you are just as excited about the weekend as I am! I’ve been working crazy over time this week!

Anywho, I wrote an unconventional post about regrets! My thoughts were sparked by a comment from one of my readers. (I sent her light and love…I hope it reached her 🙂 )I think some will be surprised on my take. If you have a moment please head over and check it out! Let me know what you think!

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