We have two new tires…

We have two new tires on our car.
Not by choice.
Happy Saturday.


Blah Week

Doing a weekend coffee share post has always been pretty easy for me. However, this week was uneventful but I didn’t want to miss the coffee share. (At least I can be honest about it lol). Please check out my weekend coffee share post. 9 people have read it but only 3 people like it…I’m with the other 6…hahahahahaha!  Now that I’ve decided to stop beating myself up over this…I can tell you there are links to other really good posts from the past week that should make the post worth reading. LOL. (laugh to keep from crying right).

How was your week? Share a little coffee with me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!

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Happy Friday!

Hey everyone! I hope you are just as excited about the weekend as I am! I’ve been working crazy over time this week!

Anywho, I wrote an unconventional post about regrets! My thoughts were sparked by a comment from one of my readers. (I sent her light and love…I hope it reached her 🙂 )I think some will be surprised on my take. If you have a moment please head over and check it out! Let me know what you think!

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In an image driven society…

In an image driven society with so many voices whose voice should you trust?
Whose Opinion Should I Trust?

Welcome to the New Members from June

I really can’t believe that it is July already and I realized late last night that I didn’t post a list of the new Members from June.  Hope everyone has had a great week and I figured before everyone heads off into the weekend it was time to give a shout out to the new members of the Community.

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Hi…Let’s Talk :)

The weekend is here! Yippie! How was your week? Let’s talk about it over coffee!

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It’s Friday!

It’s Friday and your weekend To-Do lists await. Maybe it’s fun in the sun, a house project, or errands and obligations, but likely you have a list. Are you thinking about your blog too? What will you write over the next couple of days? Write a title in your drafts now and find focus throughout the day to apply your activities to that title. Post a link to your blog post here in the comments so we can share your #weekendwanderings.

Looking for connection and new inspirations? Browse the Bloggers Index to find your community members and be sure to leave comments to let them know you stopped by.

Have a great weekend everyone.