WordPress Friday

Today’s challenge is a little like cheating, but I’m sure you won’t be too upset with me. Today I challenge you to pick any of the word prompts from this week’s WordPress Word Prompts and write. Don’t forget to ping back to WordPress by clicking on Show Instructions inside the word’s page and copying the link to insert into your post. Also, link to your post here in the comments so we can read along! If you already have used one this week, link to it in the comments too – it doesn’t have to be just from today. Happy writing!

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Gefeliciteerd met het behalen van 100 totale likes op The Blogging Meetup.
Your current tally is 103.


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Could you go one day without breaking at least 1 of the Ten Commandments?

If you think you could, your name probably ought to be written into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Everyone breaks at least one. Do you know which one?
I’d love to get your feedback on this one.
Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!
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Happy Wednesday

My email brought me this terrific (as always) note from The Daily Post’s weekly Discover Challenge.

I thought this week’s was a lot of fun and am hoping you do too! Have a gander at it and link to your blog post in the thread here for us to read – or just tell us what you think!

Don’t forget to Pingback to the The Daily Post’s prompt so others can read it too! (I would give you the HTML code here, but don’t want to pingback this post to WordPress).

If you haven’t signed up for WordPress’s The Daily Prompt emails, I highly recommend it!