#dailydiscussions Hey Guys & Gals,…



Hey Guys & Gals,

Im the newbie to #TheBloggingMeetup !

Im Rashida aka Makenzye

My question to you guys is: What apps are on your phone?

I have a tone, some i use on a daily basis and some i dont even remember i have.

You’ll be surprised to know that the normal apps everyone mentions first (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) aren’t on my phone right now. I decided that i had to take a break from those because they were consuming my life lol…. And then i found WordPress, so it worked out for the better.

Some apps i do have though are :
Linkedin (for my professionals)
All kinds of store and shopping apps
A ton of navigation apps (i have absolutely no sense of direction)
Apartments apps (looking for a new one now)
I literally have a folder called “Random” for all the random apps that i have
& food apps lol who doesnt like food apps (dominos, food network, Yummly, etc.,)

Lets here what you guys have on your phones.


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