If You “Build” It…

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circa 2013

I had a blogging idea as I was waking this morning. It started with the old saying, “If you build it, they will come.” (I don’t really know how old this is – I remember it from Field of Dreams, which IMDB tells me is 1989. 28 years is a while ago – for me. Someone happened to remind me of it a few days ago.)

Anyway, I was thinking that each piece I write is like a brick, crafted from the mud and straw of my memories and experiences, carefully placed to form a house for me and mine to live in. Of course, I want it to be a beautiful structure to look at as you pass by, with serene landscaping and clever lighting, a fresh coat of paint – even on the window trim, and a late-model car in the wind-swept driveway. I want it to show how witty I am; how goodly and righteously and prosperously I deal with grammar and living.

But that’s not my real estate, is it? (I suspect it might not be for most of us.) My life has a very much lived-in look and feel. It’s that slightly dilapidated three-bedroom ranch with too many trees dropping their leaves and broke-off branches all over the lot, with the porch light that never goes off – even on the bright, sunny days, and some kids’ rain-stained toys, long-neglected, laying about in the side yard.

Because the bricks I build with are quite transparent, aren’t they? The materials I use in my construction are solid and real enough to me, but they are actually made only from my aged thoughts and worn-out dreams. There’s ‘nothing’ to see, yet everything to view; a house of glass. There’s no fiction here, except for the denial with which I outsmart myself.

I suppose the beneficial part of being clear is that I’m constantly reminded of my Dale Carnegie: to never criticize, complain, or condemn; to try and say your name enough to remember it, and to always smile – at you and, I hope, with you.

If you know that “How-To” book, I want to tell you about this other, much older one, and it’s my mission to urge you to simply read it for yourself. Now, if you have visited me before here at my see-through dwelling, you do know which book I mean, don’t you?

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See my Super Bowl Commentary

Please have a look at my Christian-perspective commentary on last night’s Super Bowl at Christianity Is: The Greatest – Comeback – Story Ever Told (2/6/2017)


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Show Your Best Despite

Good day!  A new post is up on my blog. I share something about jealousy, envy and how to understand these situations. Hope you have time to take a peek. Thank you. Here’s the link: Show Your Best Despite

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2-Month Birthday Post!

Hey everyone, yesterday was our 2-month birthday and we’ve just made a post entitling our goals for the blog.

Basically, we’re thinking of expanding this to be a community blog, with the eventual goal of creating some sort of an interactive magazine/newspaper (still in the works). Check out our contact page or let us know! It is a challenge for us and we may not know how to proceed, but that’s the exact point of our blog; exposing the things that are covered in Ambiguity 🙂



Thanks! 😀


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Life Update

Life Update Boy have I missed you guys… these past two weeks have been super hectic. Heres my life update since I’ve been gone and I know how much you guys missed me lol. Work I have been in Staten Island (the land far far away) for the entire month of July, just readjusting back…

via Life Update – August 2016 — The RANDOMNESS that is WE

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Bill Gates rules for living and real life

Bill Gates shared some rules about living and real life with an audience of high school students. See if you agree with him based on your own experience in life.
Please don’t forget to leave me your “likes” and your feedback. I’d love to know what you think about his rules and if you find any of them to be true in your own life.

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone

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“Self” is a four-letter word…

“Self” is a four-letter word

Self tries to live the Christian life. Self does good Christian work. Self loves to chair committees. Self likes to volunteer in the food pantry…Self Self Self. Please visit my post today and see if you can identify with your “self”.
And while you’re there, how about clicking on a “Like” for me, or, if you feel led, send me your comments and feedback. I think it’s worth a discussion.

Have a Marvelous Monday everyone

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Knowing YOU is the best part of you

So I’m a very self-aware person and i have come to a realization about myself when it comes to work.

Read about it and let me hear your feedback about me opening my big mouth =)

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My experience as a music journalist

Hi everyone!


I would love some feedback on my latest post in which I reflect on my experience as a music journalist.


Thanks for your help 🙂

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