Writing Challenge: How Many Times Can You Rewrite the Same Boring Story?

Hello Everybody!

(Long time, no see, sorry.) 🙂

I’ve just shared a writing challenge with some blogging friends elsewhere and I thought some of you might be interested to take it up too.

The idea came to me because where I am we’re in lockdown again and because of that I restarted my Lockdown Diaries. But I quickly realised that there is nothing much happening and that reminded me of an old favourite book:

Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau

In this book Queneau re-wrote the same bland incident in ninety-nine different styles – can you match it?

The challenge is simple: Every day I publish a diary entry (between 4 and 6 pm GMT, typically) in one those styles, accompanied by Queneau’s original.

My yesterday entry is here: Lockdown Diaries II, Day 7: You Know

I invite you to write a reply in that same style. You can post it in the comment section on my blog or if you prefer, on your own blog and link to my blog and/or leave a message for me in the comments so that I can come and read your entry.

Please note this is not a competition with prizes just a little blogging fun!

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New posts (part of the #AtoZChallenge)

Hello everyone,

It’s been a few days since the AtoZChallenge started. As a part of this challenge, I’ll be posting every day (except the Sundays) throughout this month with post titles progressing alphabetically from A to Z. 26 days, 26 posts (one post for every letter of the alphabet). My theme for this year’s challenge is tiny tales. I’ve reached so far as the letter C. Here’s my latest post

Consequences – a tiny tale

The leaves rustled against the window pane.
A chill ran down her spine..

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Here are the links to my previous posts on this challenge

AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

A meal for two – a tiny tale

Breakfast- a tiny tale

I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts about these posts. 🙂 Thanks in advance!

Hope you have a great day!

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New blog post!

Hello my dear fellow bloggers,

All of us have faced times when we weren’t quite sure as to whether a post is ready to be published or not. Sometimes it can a lot of edits before we deem the post publish-worthy. That’s what my new post is all about. I’m sure that you’ll be able to relate to this post. Please click here to read my new post.

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I would also like to thank all my faithful readers and followers without whom I couldn’t have accomplished many milestones. You can read a post about that here.

Thank you. Wish you all a good week ahead!

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