Welcome to the Blogging Meetup (formally Bloggers Meetup)!  We are so glad that you decided to stop by and join the conversation.  To make sure you can be a part of the conversation make sure you head the to Register button above and sign up.  After you do that you should receive an email within 24 hours inviting you to join the Bloggers Meetup as an Author.  Make sure you accept that so you can start posting items on the Community Chat page.  However, you can browse the Community Chat and see what people are talking about right away and leave comments on posts out there.

Also, while you wait, jump over to the Bloggers Index page where you can post a link to your blog and a short, to the point, description of your blog there.  Also, you can browse other Members blogs and you might find something new/interesting.

Updates v2.0:

Did we mention already that we are glad you are here?  Well, we are and it is amazing how much this place has grown over the last month and a half and even more specifically the last 2-3 weeks.  With all of this excitement and energy, we couldn’t roll out the first two new items below fast enough.  Not to mention continue to get the community active with the various challenges/events we have had going on.  We appreciate all of the patience and suggestions, so below is what is new as well as some of our new and ongoing events/challenges:

  • New Name! – That is right we decided to change the name up a little bit so we could match our Social Media Presence on Twitter and Facebook.  Not to mention we decided to go all in and get the domain name so show you how serious we still are about this community.
  • New Logos/Banners – With a new name being rolled out we decided to look at our current logo and figured we should change that up too and make things consistent across the board.
  • Events/Challenges Updates :
    • Like, Follow, Share (Monday) – It seems like everyone is enjoying this and we still have so many more members to get through so we will be keeping this around for now.  If you are new and don’t know what this is all about, click on the link.
    • Weekly Prompts (Wednesday) – 3 new prompts will be published each week that we hope will inspire you to write.  If you do post something, leave a comment with the link to your post if you do write something using any of the prompts.
    • Featured Blog of the week (Monday) – Each week we will select one random blog and it will be displayed on the sidebar which will automatically update the blog post for that member.
    • Chatter – Check-in to the Chat each day for discussion posts to keep us talking to one another.  Your conversations are what keep this going, so be sure to give feedback to others when they ask for it.

We’ve loved getting your feedback and suggestions and are working on those too, so be sure to join in as we launch new events.  Again, if you run a challenge on your site, please email us details so we can feature it here as well.

Tag, Tag, Tag!

That is all we have for v2.0 and we hope you are just as excited as we are in continuing to grow this community and figure out how to continue to shape it to what we all want it to be.  As always if you have any questions or thoughts on other things we as a Community should do post about it in the Community Chat with the #Ideas tag or email us at

For more information on how this got started feel free read about Bloggers Meetup v1.0 and Bloggers Meetup v1.5.