Thanks for stumbling upon this site and taking any interest.  I am going to assume that you might have just been in the Blogging 101 course and happened to see this posted there.  If so or if not, it doesn’t matter as I am glad you are here.  Which brings me to the first big question why are you and I here and what do we want this to be if anything?This is going to be very Beta 1.0 as we kick this

Here are my initial thoughts and this is going to be very Beta 1.0 as we kick this idea around for a while.  I have been in a couple different Blogging 101 courses are they are great.  In addition, I have been in a couple of Blogging 101 alumni sites which have also been great but they are mostly private and you need to register to even see what is going on.  So you also need to somehow find out they exist but since they are private no one is sharing the tasks they create.  Now that comes to another point, I am not against tasks and challenges but I also like just having a place where you can go share your thoughts and chat amongst blogging friends.  However, in my experience when you have events with normal chatter then there becomes a lot of noise.

So that my friends is what WE going to try to figure out, can we can avoid the noise but still have an active community where events occur from time to time (open to the Public) as well as having a place where you can just share thoughts and chat amongst blogging friends.

Which brings me to how this site is laid out right now… I am thinking we could use the Community Chat area as more of a conversation but you would need to register in order to actually post something new there like start a chat, post a link to your current blog post, or ask new questions about how to do something. However, ANYONE (as Comments are open to the public) could comment on your starting point question as a reply.

The next part of this little project is getting/keeping people involved and getting more people involved that maybe don’t want the day-to-day chatter.  So that is where I have been kicking around an idea of a Meetup (hence the name), where we chose either a time where we have a “Page” dedicated to where people can come on a certain day and just post a quick comment or link to their blog and maybe we will have more fun with it and have people answer a couple of questions.  I have seen it done before as you can find a good one happening tonight (02/19/2016) by Niki over at The Richness of a Simple Life.  So maybe if she keeps this going we might not have the Meetup on this site specifically, but just link to it.

However, the advantage of this site, I am hoping, is that we can combine both the Meetups (events, challenges, topics) with the underlying focus of a Community Chat.

Well, let’s get the conversation started so use the Register button above.  Also, you can feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.

Finally, and this is super important and probably should have been said at the beginning but I don’t want to be considered the owner of this because that is not my intention.  What I really want is this to be a community-driven site by the members.  So if you want to help behind the scenes then make sure you let me know when you register.