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Updates v3.0:

It’s all about member engagement!

We are all bloggers/writers/publishers or however you describe your online presence. However, the one thing I am sure we all would want more of is more people reading or finding our stuff. There is a lot of stuff out there but it would be great to get more of our Members stuff out there too.

So as stated above we are going to work hard at promoting and sharing our members work. That was always the mission and still is but with the engagement part of it being more front and center. We have realized though that only trying to have people engage on the Blogger Meetup specifically works well when people are engaging on the site. So we are taking our show on the road, per-say and sharing everyone’s great content on our other channels Twitter, and Facebook. So feel free to start engaging with us and other members there as well. Twitter will probably be the preferred method as it is easier to just follow along with everyone and to help make it easier we have a list going of the Members we currently know about. If we are missing you drop us a line and we will make sure you are added to the list.

So what’s next :

Good question and that is where we are looking for more feedback from all of our great members. Some thoughts that have been kicked around and tried in the past are having a weekly prompt or other monthly/weekly challenge. We think those are great ideas but would love to assign someone to lead that up as our time is limited and we don’t want to be the bottleneck.

That is all we have for v3.0 and we hope you are just as excited as we are in continuing to grow this community and figure out how to continue to shape it to what we all want it to be. As always if you have any questions or thoughts on other things we as a Community should do, feel free to post about it in the Community Chat with the #Ideas tag or email us at

For more information on how this got started feel free read about Bloggers Meetup v1.0Bloggers Meetup v1.5, and Bloggers Meetup v2.0.

If you are somewhat curious what prompted changes in v3.0 feel free to read more on the Blogging Meetup Year 2 Project Check-in.