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New here

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Heya al
I am new here and I partially dunno how this works.
So I wrote recently about my reaction to the surprise news that I have Tuberculosis.
Moreover, I am planning a whole series narrating my Tuberculosis journey.

Your viewpoint and response means a lot to me.

#likefollowshare #dailydiscussions I would like…

#likefollowshare #dailydiscussions I would like to know your views on that topic ! 😉

Throwback Thursday – Was I crazier then or now?

Am I crazier than I was five years ago? Check out Throwback Thursday where I take a blog post from years ago and compare it with how mentally crazy I am now? Did I improve or stay the same train wreck? You be the judge. Just follow the link below.

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Hi, friends. I recently lost…

Hi, friends. I recently lost my mom in death, so I haven’t been on here for a while. My latest blog post is more than just grieving my mom; it is also about finding the blessing that lies within grief and mourning. Please follow the link to learn what a great mom I had and the blessings I’m discovering in my grief.


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Video top-tien beste berichten // Video top-ten best messages 10/02/2018

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Nieuwe Blog-Statistieken // New Blog Statistics

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