#dailydiscussions – Experiment -thought I…

#dailydiscussions – Experiment -thought I would mention here too.
that I am moving a site of mine (blog) to wordpress.com https://donnamaria.org/ but not yet
it will take the place of https://donnamariadotorg.wordpress.com/ Tell if you like it.

wordpress.com I think is simpler than wordpress.org That is part of my experiment. Trying to help others with the best free, low cost simpler service they can use to blog, vlog etc…

My Week In Review Using Giphy – Beginning July 23

Week In Review using gifs-2

Are you looking for something to put a big smile on your face? Do you need to be entertained and want to watch something funny as we head into a new week?

Then you want to view my week in review using Gifs. It’s funny, short, and comical. Just click the link below and enjoy!!!   Smiles guaranteed or my money back. 🙂

Missing In Sight



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Welcome to my week in…

Week In Review using gifs

Welcome to my week in review using Giphy for the week beginning July 16! This is a weekly Sunday post where I comically discuss the TMI ups and downs of my week using gifs and pictures. So, if you are wanting to laugh and to be entertained, this short and funny post is for you!

In fact, we are so sure you will like it, we offer a money-back guarantee. If you don’t thoroughly enjoy, smile, and even laugh out loud at our week in review, you will give us our money back for creating the post. After all, it was a money-back guarantee. 🙂

Click here for laughs, smiles, and enjoyment.

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Anxiety Shmanxiety


First, let me give a shout out to all who are having a rough time but still in the game! I know how difficult life can be, so let me give you major props for hanging on like you do.

Do you deal with anxiety? Do you worry and obsess mostly about things you can’t control?

I definitely do, which is why I love a short video by Tiffany Jenkins from Jugglingthejenkins.com. She created a video where she personifies and mocks her anxiety, and it’s brilliant.

I definitely believe that sometimes we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously because that only gives our mental issues that much more power.

Click the link below to enjoy the post! Thanks.

Missing In Sight

Cheers to better health.

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Physical Health Vs. Mental Health. What If?


What if we talked about mental health the way we talk about physical health?

Click the link below to find a short but humorous video at what it sounds like when people talk to those with mental health issues. It’s okay to laugh because the video is funny, but, through humor, it also makes a serious point. Please click below. Thanks.

Physical health versus mental health video. What if?

Please share this with those you know. We need to end the stigma of mental illness and we can only do this by continuing conversations like these.



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How I Feel On Monday!

How I feel this Monday! Please click the link for a hilarious Gif below. You won’t be sorry.


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De Lay -Out van mijn site opnieuw veranderd //The Lay -Out of my site changed again //


Bezoek de vernieuwde site ==KLIK ==>>HIER<

Visit the new site CLICK == >> HERE <<

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