To Step On Or Not To Step On?

Does it matter if a living being is cute, ugly, large, small, animal, human, insect, or reptile? Which is cuter…the animals above or…

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This Tuesday’s Tale Is Your Story: Ray


The tale of one very special dog named Ray
as told by Colin

Having been bitten by a German Shepherd many years ago, I was subsequently very wary of dogs in general. Over the course of quite a few years, I did get to meet a few nice dogs and, in November 2013, I made a life changing decision that perhaps there was a space in my life for one!

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Sunday Pause (Paws): Literally

Who’s Paw Am I?

It’s Sunday! Time to sit back, relax, and have a little fun!

Today my post is about actual PAWS! I have found a fun online activity.  Can YOU guess the correct animal’s paw?

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This Tuesday’s Tale: Buddy Unchained

Last year I took a course through RedRover called “RedRover Readers.” Here is a paragraph explaining a bit about the program.

The RedRover Readers program promotes empathy by presenting powerful stories, encouraging children to put themselves in the place of animals, and asking questions that promote critical thinking. A 2009 pilot study of the program (then known as the Humane Education Ambassador Readers) conducted by Inverness Research, Inc. suggests that the program:
~Builds self-esteem and motivates students to take an important subject seriously
~Stimulates additional student-directed learning
~Builds students’ knowledge and potentially affects their behaviors related to caring for pets
~Builds students’ empathy and compassion for pets
(Taken from

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This Tuesday’s Tale: In Sickness and in Health

I particularly like the following words used to define “vow”-promise, bond, commitment. 

I read all too often about people giving up their pets or simply abandoning them if they get sick. There are certain situations where someone just simply can not afford the care an ill pet may need. Bu then again, would we deny a human the right to medical care even if we couldn’t afford it? I am not judging, I know some people who truly love their pets have had to make some tough decisions. I am mostly talking about those who do not find an animal worthy of medical care, the cost, the time, or the “inconvenience”.

Isn’t a pet a family member? Wouldn’t you do everything you could for a family member if they were ill?

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This Tuesday’s Tale: Pigs, Goats, and a Wombat…Oh My!

This week’s tale isn’t about just one animal, it is about 16 of them.

I saw this article called “16 Amazing Animal Stories That Prove 2016 Wasn’t All Bad” on What really struck me about this article was that it was about people being compassionate. Take the guys below. A bachelor party in the woods turned into helping a mother dog and her puppies. Read the full post here.

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Are Animal Advocates Judgmental?

I’ve heard people say animal advocates are “judgmental.” So, I look at myself and I think…am I? Let me tell you a few stories.

Years ago I worked at an animal hospital. It was a weekend job caring for the animals that were boarded there. I was so excited! I was still trying to figure out where I wanted to put my passion for animals to use. I was so excited to learn and see if this might be the type of business I would want to be in. But I didn’t like the veterinarian and in the end, he said I was always asking questions and “suspicious.” Well…you be the judge.

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